Deep-Sea Online Videos - Searchable Listing Created


INDEEP/DOSI have created a comprehensive listing of online videos relating to the deep sea that will be of interest to the INDEEP and DOSI communities.  There are links to over 250 videos specifically related to the deep sea on subjects such as climate change, ocean acidification, hypoxia, circulation, displosal (CO2, dredge spoil, litter, munitions, nuclear waste, plastics, sewage, ship wrecks and debris), exploitation (fishing, mining, oil and gas, pipelines, cables, acoustics, contamination) and exploration (biodiversity, vents, seamounts, seeps, corals, canyons, continental margins, trenches, technology, marine life). Many of these videos will be useful for teaching purposes so do have a search by subject area and see what's out there!  Other useful information is also listed and searchable such as video title, presenter, affiliation, series type, duration and upload date.  Are there any we've missed?  If so, please let us know so we can make them available to the community.  Many thanks.  Link to list here.


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